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Other sections of this book will not be emphasized as much, but they are both edifying and informative. Published by Andrews University Press and edited by Gerald Klingbeil, this book contains contributions from nine different authors. This chapter is co-authored by Michael Hasel and his father, the well-respected Gerhard Hasel, whose untimely death in 1993 was a great loss to the Church.

Lambert finally caught the mistake in 1975, but 85 years of damage had been done (p. We can see how one error, one assumption, can be perpetuated as dogma for decades, even centuries, in academic circles. The verbal form means "to expand," and the direct object can be a variety of materials, not necessarily metal.ABR is concerned about this deeply flawed hermeneutical approach to the Old Testament.The problem is succinctly summarized by the Hasels: "...a vast number of biblical scholars still read the cosmology of the Bible through the glasses of the pagan cosmologies of the ancient Near East and Egypt.Further, although most ABR readers and supporters are not convinced Seventh-day Adventists as are the authors, this book has little to do with that particular theological perspective.Thus, readers of a different theological persuasion who are interested in the Genesis creation account would be well served to read and digest the arguments posed, not letting disagreements on understanding the role of the Sabbath in the present-day church to be a stumbling block to mining the riches found in this work.

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