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And when I see retiree's working at Wal Mart greeting people at the entrance or working at Mc Donalds flipping hamburgs and reporting to a teenager with a college degree it makes me sick.

Is that what you envisioned your Retirement Life would be like?

the Retire client finally went with us to accommodations we would recommend and booked it the same day he viewed it.

It was 2 x the size of his 41 sq m 14,000 baht/month studio that did not have a pool and he rented it for 1 year for less than 7,000 baht/month with estimated cable tv, power and internet included.

And if one wanted to one could live in Chiang Mai for less.

We explained to him that it was a water machine and that the water is safe for cooking and drinking and he could have filled up all the containers he purchased for about 6 baht instead of spending 52 baht.

Turns out the condo was on the top floor and very hot and costly to cool and also very noisy with the condo next to his being renovated.

Now after we found someone to takeover his rental contract he told us he found a new place to live.. And it turns out that too noisy at that condo complex as well and after 5 months he wanted out again.

A wise retirement decision on your part and a unforgettable vacation for them.

The "Cost of Living" cost spreadsheet was developed to show that one can live here on 0 US a month.

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