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Mondo Bando has also made the Ranker list of most famous Seattle musical acts at the 111 spot.

Electra Blue moved on to the Seattle Punk Scene and performed with Violent World for a while before relocating to San Francisco.

Sanctuary, after two albums and some years revamping, reformed with two original members (bass and vocals) and a former short-term replacement guitarist (along with some new members) and became known as Nevermore.

Rottweiler was an up-and-coming band which had a multi-album contract fall through prior to signing.

The song's supposedly suggestive lyrics led to it being banned in some localities, including Indiana.

Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson found commercial success with hard rock group Heart in the 1970s.

Mark Maye, Joe Seltice and the original singer Warren Ferger migrated to Seattle in 1975 from Spokane, Washington and reformed Mondo Bando with Brad Butler on Drums and played High School Dances, self promoted shows and some parties playing very hard rock.

Warren Ferger left the band very early and Roger Williams joined as lead vocalist.

They are known for pioneering a distinct sound technology when they fed the rhythm guitar through a Leslie organ speaker during a concert at the University of Puget Sound; this gave them their original sound.The band eventually scored two #1 Hot 100 hits, including "These Dreams" in 1986.Mondo Bando may be the earliest documented all out original Heavy Metal band in the Seattle area dating to early 1976 to 1977.,, Disco Music was certainly the music of choice at that time and Punk was on the rise in Seattle so Mondo Bando was in the musical wilderness but played around 25 shows during 1976-1977.Local music fans were split between the two groups, and the city's music scene polarized as a result.The Kingsmen's version eventually caught on nationally after a Boston radio station picked up the song and Dennon negotiated distributing rights with Wand Records out of New York City.

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Nearby Tacoma and Olympia have also been centers of influence on popular music.

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