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When camping I use whatever is handy – like the lid of the peanut butter jar.

Add the bread to the frying pan, crack the egg in the middle, and cook them both at the same time for yummy eggs and toast.

Also, if you haven’t checked out our printable Family Camping Trip Kit yet- ummm you NEED to!

Trust me when I say, it will make your life a WHOLE lot easier!!

Let everyone fill their boats with some of their favorite treats and wait by the campfire while it all melts together.

This link is no longer available 🙁 But all you need is: Peanut butter cookies sandwich together nutella, banana, and campfire roasted marshmallow. Put nutella on anything and it transforms it into a culinary masterpiece.Link is no longer available 🙁 This one-pot breakfast is the perfect way to start the day!Ready in 15 minutes and the kiddos will love the peanut butter and chocolate chips over banana and oats! Link is no longer available 🙁 When I make this at home I let me kids use their favorite cookie cutter to make the hole in the middle of the bread.Remember to pack some dice and you’ll have everything you need for this fun camping game.Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve forgotten something as soon as you head out on the road for a big trip?

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Nothing says summer like a hot roasted marshmallow right out of the campfire!

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