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Early morning walks before the heat takes over, an appointment or two each day finalizing house details, checking on the progress of our house, researching (Kelowna/our future travels/future purchases, etc.) on the i Pad and ending our day, sitting in the shade of the RV watching a bit of news and having dinner. Last year’s returns are still not done, despite my dropping them off last year with a plan to pick the completed returns this April in Calgary.The real panic is about the new taxes we will have to pay, thanks to #45’s (Trump) new tax plan. We had dinner with friends Clara and George last week. Second interaction with the fire department in a week. Kids and adults alike are racing against each other. We took a trip to the local police station to report Sheila’s most recent fender bender, visited Hole’s greenhouse to buy and then plant pots for the patio, visited John Bloxham’s gravesite, and Saturday morning, we sat around in our PJ’s having breakfast and watching the royal wedding. ) On Sunday night, I cooked 2 pounds of bacon (in the oven) for Sheila’s freezer. I persevered to the very end, shut down the oven and we went to bed. Once we were more alert, we realized it was the alarm for the entire building. Meg discovered the ride-a-mower a couple of days ago and I am now relegated to the push-a-mower…!You can now apply for a Building, Plumbing, Gas, or Electrical Permit, a Certificate of Occupancy, or for Site Plan Review through Citizen Serve, the City of Revere's online permitting system.Follow this link to download or print instructions to create an account and apply for your permit or Site Plan Review: Instructions to apply for permit or Site Plan Review.0Sunday we were up early and on our way to Calgary.We had a long list of appointments to attend to while there, as well as trying to re-connect with a few friends. 2We are staying at a laid-back campground run (and owned? He leaves the office door wide open, even when he isn’t there.

2By Friday, we were able to return to our walks around the neighborhood.

evening, where they walked around and looked at the displayed vintage cars. We have met our campground neighbors, who are also awaiting the completion of the house they are building. 0Monday, I had clients, and a visit with my 2 ½ year old friend Betty (and mom Georgia). At least we got a walk in Saturday afternoon before we gorged. Dayle was our official photographer, and unfortunately hasn’t sent any photos our way.

1Dayle came to the rescue and sent a photo from our visit last week with Owen, Ellie and their parents. We have checked out the YMCA, found a circuit we can walk around the neighborhood that passes by orchards, horses, llamas and numerous fruit stands. It was definitely warmer in Kelowna than Calgary and we noticed the trees were in full bloom. Once home, we unpacked and began making a list of all the things we need to do in these first few days at home. Sunday we were up and off to meet our friends Dayle and Norm’s newest grand baby. Instead we have a photo of Jean’s brother Langis at the provincial bowling championship held at Chinook Centre bowling alley.

Residents will be able to receive the notices by land-line phones, cellphones, emails and text messages.

Beginning in September 2015, the Revere Department of Public Works started a 2 year-long City-wide water meter replacement program.

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