Dating men like overweight women

Curvy women are softer and men like to be the strong, hard ones in a relationship.It’s more satisfying for a guy to curl up and snuggle someone soft and round, than it is to snuggle up to bones and sharp elbows, so I’ve been told.Well I find when you ladies get treated like this you run the opposite way. Just feel good about yourself, when the right one comes along, she will admire your confidence, and your heart and enjoy you for who you are. Not one having sex and the other making love, because love and sex don't mix. I flirted with 300 pounds a year ago and some ladies were certainly able to get beyond my size. So I'm not interested in an overweight man that can't keep up with me with all the activities we will share as I reach my goal. I certainly can relate to your concerns, but I betcha you are giving off an glow of confidence now that you didn't have before. Don't be unconfident because of your weight, just make it your thang. You should be looking for someone with similar interests rather than someone who just wants to be loved. Plus when you enter a relationship with the just let me treat you nice atitude--- you're more likely to be treated like a doormat.I do believe there are times when sex is necessary in a relationship as well as making love. I am overweight but even when I was thin I felt the same way. Now that I'm cruising below 200 pounds in the next week or two I'm getting hit on like I haven't in years. I think its because some women, despite what they claim, do go by looks first and in some cases formost. It all depends on the person, personally I am attracted to personalities formost but that is besides the point of your question LOLat 5ft 160 lbs i wasn't catching much of anything 3 yrs ago... although sometimes it bothers me because i wonder if it is only the bod they are attracted to... I want to meet someone who likes to work out because I like to be active and healthy myself.While there are some men who do prefer thin women (I’ve been turned down by a few, believe me), there are still many men who prefer women with curves and extra weight.

The point is, no matter what your weight is, there is always someone out there who finds it attractive. So, instead of worrying about needing to lose weight (or worrying about needing to gain weight), appreciate your body as it is.If you’re a woman with a few extra pounds, don’t hide your figure, go out and flaunt it! Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.I think how someone takes care of their body says a huge amount of their level of self esteem and that they care about their health and want to be around for a long time.Generally, you don't find many overweight people who are as health conscious as I am. I also find that overweight men aren't as active as what I would like...

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