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POP TV's current news programming consists of the main 24UR ("24Hours") News, 24UR popoldne ("24Hours Afternoon"), 24UR zvečer ("24Hours at Night"), 24UR Vreme ("24Hours Weather") and Preverjeno! The current hosts of the show are two hosting pairs: Darja Zgonc & Edi Pucer, and Jani Muhič & Petra Krčmar.

Weekdays the show is hosted by one pair and the pairs exchange each week.

From 2003, the show lasts for one full hour, from 7 to 8pm.

On POP TV's 13th birthday (15 December 2008), the studio and the show's design were updated to the most modern technology available at that time.

The channel also broadcast Viktorji (1997-2010), an annual Slovenian awards show for media achievements and accomplishments in popular culture, along with the beauty peagent competition ceremony Miss Slovenija (1996-2010) for Miss World.

In the following years, the channel introduced music shows POP party (1997) and Super POP (1998), shows Pop'N'Roll (1999) and Pod srečno zvezdo (1999), and game show 1, 2, 3, kdo dobi? Brez zavor / Brez zapor (1997-1998) was a new weekly music talk show in the style of Late Show With David Letterman that premiered in 1997.

In 1997, the show introduced a second hosting pair: Nataša Pirc Musar and Sandi Salkič.

From Friday to Sunday, the show was hosted by Tamara Vonta and Drago Balažič, individually.24UR Inšpektor is a segment, hosted by the same host as the main news show 24UR that day, and lasts from 5 to 10 minutes. It is a segment focusing on investigative journalism. 24UR Fokus is a segment focusing on investigative journalism, which replaced TV Klub in the beginning of 2016.The host of the show is the same as the host of 24UR that day.24UR vreme is a weather broadcast lasting for five minutes before the main 24UR news show at pm every day. Every Tuesday, viewers are offered the weekly investigative news show Preverjeno! The show had guests (usually politicians or political commentators) debating over various topics, ranging from politics to popular culture and taboo topics.The show, which aired every Thursday, was hosted by one of the best known Slovenian journalists and TV hosts, Uroš Slak.

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