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Promoted by lobbies, Congress not only actively opposes foreign policy decisions but even imposes some on the president.

Since the US would be blamed for any Israeli strike, we should make it clear to Israel that American interests would be adversely affected by such a move.Even with his protege at Defense, Robert Gates, and his reputation as a global strategist, Brzezinski has all but admitted that he simply does not possess the influence to override the power the Jewish lobby wields over Obama’s decision-making in foreign affairs.This has recently come to light in Brzezinski’s latest article for the Council of Foreign Relations, “From Hope To Audacity.” Beginning his treatise with the premise that the US should not be at war with Islam, Brzezinski proceeds to take on the “Second Echelon” in Obama’s administration which includes Zionist Jews Dennis Ross, Special Adviser on Iran, Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff, and Zionist shill Hilary Clinton at State.Such congressional intervention makes it more difficult to ensure that US — not foreign — interests are the point of departure.” last winter, demanding by a 344-36 vote that Obama “refuse to endorse” Goldstone’s findings of Israeli war crimes, Congress has joined with the Jewish Lobby in its efforts to crank up hysteria regarding Iran’s nuclear energy program.On January 17, 2009, The Israel Project and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington (and more than twenty similar Jewish Lobby groups of which there is NO end), hosted an anti-Iran workshop billed as, Israel Advocacy Training Institute: Spotlight Iran. Berman Hebrew Academy in DC, focused on the “Iran threat,” emphasizing the “danger posed” by the country’s “aggressive pursuit of nuclear arms.” (Thus far, however, the world is only aware of Iran’s nuclear energy ambitions, but NO EVIDENCE of Iran’s “pursuit of nuclear arms” has emerged.

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