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Pass the needle back up through the hole in the bead until it looks like the illustration above. Gently and carefully pass the needle UNDER the first spine and pull the thread through, being careful not to let the thread roll into the hole.

Pass the needle under the SAME spine again and pull it through, effectively wrapping the thread around the spine one time.

Cut a fairly long piece of thread (about 18" for a 12mm wood core - this looks long but you'll need it later - my student suggests a length between 24" and 36").This gives the button surface a smoother, almost corded appearance.If the wood core is large enough, the spines can be made with soutache braid or other small braids.In a site in Ireland, circa 8th century, a metal shank button with an enameled triskele design was found.In Northern Europe, cast shanked buttons have been found dating from the 9th and 10th centuries in excavations at Birka, Sweden.

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The most common shape of this time period was a rounded or slightly flattened ball with a shank.

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