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He'd been sitting in the car, then the car had been a ball of flame, it was quick – Quicker than Eric?I didn't have long to panic, though my mind had been racing, only a split second had actually passed and as my butt hit my heels and my car rocked back towards the blast, I felt the flood of heat that trailed the shockwave, not only from the burning Corvette beyond my car but from the steaming vampire face down in front of me.She was holding a bag of donor blood and crouched as close to us as she could get.Her muttering was too quiet for me to hear, just sounding like a hiss that was both stern and demanding.I didn't care that he didn't want me, this was hardly the time to be choosy. It was only as my regular hearing started to clear that I realised it had been impaired.I ignored the ringing and instead focused on what I could hear my head.

I looked back down at crispy fried Eric, if he was starting to heal it was very slowly. For once I gave in to my impulse to smooth it out, easing the furrows of tension from his face with the gentle brush of my fingertips.I was able to quickly extinguish the few smouldering ashes on what was left of his clothes. (Like with the silver – is it so dangerous to them because it burns or does it burn because it is dangerous to them?) Anyway burns are the big no-no, aside from stakes of course. After making sure there were no more live embers, I lay down beside him on the ground, trying to see his face without moving him.Thanks for all your kind reviews and messages – lots of love and hugs to treewitch703 as always. I couldn't tell you if it was reflexive or if my knees just gave way, my heart and mind were still resounding with the echo of my scream. The world was moving in slow motion: Arms reaching up to wrap protectively over my head, butt sliding down the door of my car, the SUV an unstoppable force pushing against my back as the energy from the blast rammed into it.All the while the previous second was looping through my mind. maybe …There was silence in that frozen millisecond, all of sound and time had been sucked from the world, just as the air had been sucked from my lungs.

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None of the minds I could hear were aware of us, just a few yards away on the other side of my car.

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