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it is the sun is it that stands still, the earth forsooth, that rolls! Having the general sense, of; belonging to; it marks the relation of possession and is used before nouns and pronouns; it is similar in meaning to the preposition a, but used in a different part of the sentence. Ka (also ko) before nouns is similar in meaning to the apostrophic s in English, and signifies the thing or the things belonging to those nouns; as, ka ke alii, belonging to the chief; ka laua, that of them two. To remove; to change one's place; to be transferred to another. The grove was considered sacred because of the reverence in which the seer was held. Land section, stream, homesteads, Kailua qd., Kona, Hawaiʻi. Ancient surfing area, Lahaina, West Maui (Finney, 1959a:52). Sick persons were brought here for cleansing baths. (Pīkoi, the rat killer, went to Waikīkī wearing a Lehua lei. NOTE—It is the custom of Hawaiians when they have poi or other articles to sell, to hoist a small flag (lepa); hence kalepa. a native tree (Elaeocarpus bifidus), with long-stemmed, ovate leaves and greenish flowers, formerly used for fire making and constructing grass houses, the bark for cordage. in Honolulu is famous in legend as the home of Pele's sister Kapo (HM 186), and of Haumea, Pele's mother who is identified with Papa, the wife of Wākea.

To cause to be done; to be gone; ua kaa na peelua, the worms (peeluas) are done, i. First tract of homesteads under the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, Kaunakakai qd., south Molokaʻi (Cooke 77). (see also UL 130.) This place is also known as Ulukukui-o-Lanikāula (kukui grove of Lani-kāula). school, Kailua; land section, Honomū qd., Hawaiʻi, said to be named for Kalaoa Puʻumoi, sister of Kapalaoa, the mother of the riddling expert, Kalapana. Pele was attacked near here by Kamapuaʻa, the pig man (see Puaʻakanu; HM 187). land section, Hāmākua qd.; ancient surfing area, Puna, Hawaiʻi (Finney-Houston 26). name for an ancient surfing area at Waikīkī (Finney-Houston 38); FS 35), now called Castle's. Trading; peddling; he mau moku kalepa kekahi, some were trading ships. • to move from place to place; • to float or move with the wind, as clouds; • to swing; • to peddle (formerly of goods carried suspended and swinging on a carrying pole); • to lie off, as a ship; • unsettled, swinging, hanging, flying.

ka ke kh ki kk kl km kn ko kp kr ku ka kaa kaaa kaae kaah kaai kaak kaal kaam kaan kaao kaap kaau kaaw kaba kada kadi kado kae kaea kaee kaeh kaei kaek kael kaem kaen kaeo kaep kaeu kaew kaha kahe kahi kaho kahu kai kaia kaie kaih kaii kaik kail kaim kain kaio kaip kair kait kaiu kaiw kaka kake kaki kako kaku kal kala kale kali kalo kalu kama kame kami kamo kamu kana kane kani kano kanu kao kaoa kaoe kaoh kaoi kaok kaol kaom kaon kaoo kaop kaou kaow kapa kape kapi kapo kapu kara kare kari karo kasa kase kasi kata kato katu kau kaua kaue kauh kaui kauk kaul kaum kaun kauo kaup kaus kauw kawa kawe kawi kawo The definite article, the. in different parts of a sentence, contains something like an assertion with disapprobation; used also on the discovery of a mistake. cyathophora), a tropical American herb about 30 cm high, with green, oval leaves, but with floral leaves white or pink at the base; used medicinally as a purgative.

The ghost of a single deceased person was called kinowailua, which see. e., strong; powerful; stiff; kakauha kuu puu, my neck is stiff; strained, as a large rope; as the muscles of the arm in exerting strength; kakauha ka lima; energetic. to sacrifice food (fish, bananas, kava) to the gods, as at every meal; to feed the spirits of the dead; to deify a dead relative by food offerings and prayer; to dedicate the dead to become family protectors (ʻaumākua) or servants of ʻaumākua (HM, p. 22.13) ; • counter-sorcery or sorcerer, prayer to free one from any evil influence; to practice counter-sorcery. Varieties are qualified by the terms holo ihu loa (long nose running), lemu (buttocks), liʻiliʻi (also pahi kaua), lōlō, maoli, moe, palaholo. [This is the kala riddle given by Mary Kawena Pukui in The Hawaiian Planter, Volume 1, by E. Craighill Handy: "The kala of the upland [a kala berry], the kala in between [pua kala; beach poppy], the kala of the sea [limu kala; kala seaweed]" (p.216).] (Neal 367) south Point, Hawaiʻi, the southernmost point in all the fifty states; quadrangle, south Hawaiʻi. Street names in the subdivision begin with ʻIli- (surface, skin). [November 16, 1836 - January 20, 1891), sixth monarch of the Hawaiian Kingdom (February 12, 1874 - January 20, 1891). Stream, valley, trail, land section, and beach, northwest Kauaʻi. well-preserved fishing shrine at Ka Lae, Hawaiʻi; it was taboo to women. A stone nearby is called Pōhakuokeau, which may be translated 'stone of the cur- rent' (referring to intersecting currents; see Halaʻea) or 'stone of the times,' referring to the belief that the stone turned over if there was to be a change in the government. Beach park, Puʻuokali qd., Maui, named for Samuel E. Valley, young lava flow, and cinder cone (about 35 feet high with a crater 50 feet deep in its summit), Koko Head qd., Oʻahu Macdonald-Abbott3 73; beach club and street, Mōkapu qd., Oʻahu. way, Waikīkī, Honolulu, named for David Keola Kalauokalani, clerk of the City and County of Honolulu for more than 20 years beginning in 1905; in 1900 he was secretary to Robert W. village, peninsula, and land division, Molokaʻi; present site of the leper settlement on Kalaupapa peninsula.Notable gestures include "the fig," which is offensive in Turkey, Spain, and some South American countries.Even in cartoons where characters have Four-Fingered Hands, it's still possible to flip the bird by singularly elevating the finger between the index and pinky fingers, which is still censored on local and regular cable television.Sometimes the story ends with them shouting "Pluck Yew!" as they did so, denoting what they could still do to their bows.

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The sound of a small motor made me aware of a video camera in the room as I sat and took care of some overdue business. Not wanting to miss my chance at giving the giving the wrong impression I flipped the camera the bird.

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