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Registered users have "read-only" access to all unrestricted surveys including data about surveyed historic properties and their mapped locations.

Data attributes included are: Every effort is being made to insure that the information about historic resources in GNAHRGIS is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Simply put: The only way to know for sure if historic resources exist in any given area at the present time is to go out into the field and check for their presence or absence.

Most historic resources in GNAHRGIS have been assessed by the Historic Preservation Division for their significance and eligibility in terms of the National Register of Historic Places Criteria for Evaluation.

You will need to visit the Historic Preservation Division's offices to make use of these surveys . For information about using paper survey files at the Historic Preservation Division's office or to make an appointment, call the Historic Preservation Division's Survey and Register Specialist at 404-651-5911.

Some areas of the state have never been field surveyed for historic resources.

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In the GNAHRGIS system, "archaeological resources" means archaeological sites recorded in the Georgia Archaeological Site File.

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