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They accomplished this by sealing and guaranteeing the coin in the holder was the grade given.

If the coin was found to be over-graded, then the company would buy back the slab at the retail price the customer paid.

Within a couple of years, a dealer got the bright idea to counterfeit the PCGS slab and make his own slabbed coins.

It worked for a little bit, but he was soon caught.

This sample was given out at most of the shows during this time period to acquaint collectors with their slab.

Here is a neat sample and just like PCGS 2, except for the fact that it has a Proof coin inside instead of a Mint State example.

PCGS1 is very similar to PCGS2 but has 000000 as the serial number instead of .64/7000023.

Their slabs have undergone many changes over the years as can be seen by the numerous sample slabs below.

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I recently discovered this sub-type and it is unknown how many were made or how many survive today.

This type was not known until November of 2003, when a small hoard came on the market from a private collector. Instead of a Roosevelt dime, this sample type has a Washinton quarter inside.

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Somehow samples were made with the newer label in the older PCGS slab.

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