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Unfortunately, they're going to have to share a double-headed dildo, because they are both BOTTOMS. Do you people really think ONE photo op makes a friendship? At 32 I'm more into guys with a little age on them, maybe 40 to 45.r260 I think I have the wrong guy.

Oh, and in that Instagram picture, Colton looks OLD. Scott likely wanted a photo with someone that was somewhat recognizable to post on his instagram and Colton never met a camera he didn't like. The guy I'm thinking of looks somewhat like Bryant Wood, and is short.

[quote]LOL NO.[quote]What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for a girl? Pretty boys like Scott used to be the playthings of the likes of Henry Willson, who 'discovered' Rock Hudson and Tab Hunter. This seems to be a small coming out post[quote]It's crazy to me we live in a generation where we say "I'm so happy to be me.i love everyone , And all this sh*t but in reality people are still not being accepting, homophobic, racist.

[quote]Bought a ring once upon a time.[quote]Do you believe in hooking up on the first date? If you wanted a career in Hollywood, then you needed a good, sturdy pair of knee pads to hone your skills before Henry set you out in the big, wide world. When I started modeling, I wanted to be a voice for someone to help someone who felt like I did, discriminated or bullied and constantly told what I need to say or how I need to "ACT" to be sexy, and if being myself costs me everything fuck it at least I was real, and honest and you should stand for the things you care and believe in and about not what someone is scripting for you #originallity ISSEXYThey say there is no market because who I am or how I express myself ...

I thought it was probably a strip show, like at Jimmy Z's, but my friend confirmed it was a sanctioned competition. There were pictures on the 'net soon afterward, but I cannot track any down now. Some questioned the size of posing suits and therefore why not nude, some wanted to show complete definition of their muscles, some did not want children to be exposed to nude men (and visa versa), some felt it would bring disrepute to the sport.

There was a serious conversation about nude bodybuilding contests on the bodybuilding messageboards. If anyone does have those Joey Centauri nude shots, I'd love to see them.

Seems like he'd be a natural for the Versace edition of American Crime Story.There used to be a video of apparently an Italian bodybuilder on Youtube like in 2007 or 2008. The video was pretty much in the style of a promo video with some suggestive shots.He was posing and at the end of his routine he removed his posing suit and covered his penis with his hands and then left the stage. The thing is that bodybuilders had to flex and pose and people had to approach them and leave money in their posing suits just people do to strippers.It’s an enigma any strongly or exclusively androphilic-leaning man would.^^ This sort of people will try any "artistic" occupation they can to maintain the permanent-party lifestyle. He's functionally illiterate:"scottmgardner1Be you and be proud of who you are, dont stop shinning and don't let fear hold you back from being yourself, #prayers to everyone in Orlando, GOD Has a plan, and if you think death and fear is of God your lost, love those around you and stand up for those who don't have the bravery to do it them selfs, spread the love and acceptance"Oh, dear times ten!!!Imagine having to work a real job that requires qualiffications and has responsabilities! ^^ He also has other pics with Jeremy Scott (I guess our gurl has the hot/goofie look that Moschino favours), and Lindsey Pelas who is the top female fitness model ATM.

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