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If they happen to like each other (They are supposed to say “Yes” or “No” either the same day or in the next few days), dating starts from this point onwards.In case of love marriages also, it is generally expected that both boy and girl seek parents’ approval.It was normal to abandon the raped woman even if she was married and some fathers would abandon a girl child if she was raped. People practice monogamy almost as a religion here. At the time of the wedding, the bride’s father would sing the folk song “Teri Doli jaayegi te arthi hi aayegi”; meaning “I am sending you off as a bride and may you come out of your husband’s house only on a pyre and not otherwise”.While widowers had no restriction on getting married again, widows getting remarried was absolutely forbidden, even in cases where a girl becomes a widow at a young age (for example in her twenties).

Now sati, though still there in some small areas, is illegal.  For choosing a date, social considerations weigh very heavily.At the time of marriage, the bride’s father has to give heavy gifts to relatives of the groom, known as Dowry.In love marriages also, therefore, the girl has to be cautious to marry the same boy whom she dates else she would be branded as “kalmuhi” (Kal is Black, Muhi is face i.e. This term comes from ancient times where a common form of punishment was to blacken the face of guilty and take him around the village riding on back of a donkey. A girl who has had a dating relationship in the past would find it difficult to get a suitable match and may have to settle for a match from an economically weaker background.

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In most cases, dating in this region starts after parents arrange marriage.

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  1. While some are public about their reasoning to keeping somewhat off-the-grid, others choose not to speak about what they go through in their personal lives, and sometimes the world finds out big life events — such as a marriage or the birth of a child — months after they have already happened.