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Yet what might surprise you is the gender of the majority of Dirksen’s date-coaching customers: female.

Alberta has great economic indicators to fuel a thriving love industry– the highest per-capita disposable income in Canada, at ,761 (with a lot of those disposable incomes earned by young, single men).

I did anything and everything I could to avoid any interaction with the other kids. Looking back now, I wished I spent more time developing my social skills rather than my technical skills.

Growing up, I was lead to believe that if I get good grades, get a good job, everything else in my life will take care of itself. After graduating from school, I got a job as a Structural Designer in a prestigious Engineering company. As I started to look more into it, I realized something…

A surplus of women and a shortage of men should be ingredients for women having their pick of dudes. What Singh and his partners did not expect, however, was their gender challenges.

And yet, Dirksen and others say they are not seeing that in Edmonton. “Everyone was surprised we had so much trouble finding male daters, not women,” Singh says.

Together, my associates and I will map out what matters to you most, help you develop greater self awareness and let go of old belief systems that no longer serve you.

True growth is graduating from our past habits and moving into a state of being that is aligned with our highest values. I welcome you to contact us now and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about marriage counselling, life coaching, self-esteem counselling in Calgary, couples counselling or therapy for individuals and couples. Please Note: We are not equipped to accept clients who are suicidal, psychotic or have a history of self-harm.

But there are some strange anomalies to Alberta’s love scene.Our focus is always on helping our clients to make wise decisions, overcome limiting beliefs and guiding them to create a life with more clarity, purpose, and passion. Appointments are available on weekdays, evenings and weekends. We offer flexible schedules, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly session options. We know finding the right counselling in Calgary or therapist's in Calgary can be challenging.Our therapists and coaches know that finding the right couples counselling in Calgary or individual counselling in Calgary is essential to finding success.Unsurprisingly, it’s hard for men there to meet single women, and, due to the fertile market, the yellow pages in Fort Mc Murray are overrun with escort service ads.Alberta’s biggest cities certainly aren’t that extreme but, at 49.2 and 49.1 per cent, respectively, Edmonton and Calgary have the lowest percentage of women of any major Canadian city; indeed, Calgary and Edmonton are the only big cities in Canada with fewer women than men. Last year, Sam Singh, a 37-year-old Edmontonian,­ co-founded Troop of Foxes, a speed-dating group aimed at Edmonton’s growing urban, under-40 demographic.

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