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If you’re lucky, you might even run into a guy known as the Candy Man from Canada who likes to tell his tale of how he came to live in St. You're nearing the end of your vacation and just realized you haven't had the chance to pick up souvenirs for mom, pop or Uncle Bob. You can also find local artwork, clothing, jewelry, books and other knick knacks.This is the perfect place for one-stop souvenir shopping.I could never in my life have imagined there were people of this nature in this world when I was a 13 year old girl.Now they have children that age fighting and dying for there "cause".

It's painted a bright blue color with a yellow thatched roof and is decorated with colorful candy wrappers of just about any candy you can possibly imagine.

Allow those brave young men and women go and do the job they have been trained to do. No love for what I believe God calls "our fellow man". Without the strong women of this world nothing about them is ever going to change. We get rid of our contamination and we render those occupied areas uninhabitable by Muslims. We need to turn their idiotic religion against them.

We must come together as mothers, daughters, granddaughters that have born the children, nursed them and raised them .

Make a beeline for Tijon Parfumerie, a unique little shop on the French side of Saint Martin where you can mix and make your own perfume!

Once you arrive, you'll get to sniff, sample and choose from over 300 oils.

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