Dating a somali woman

He spends his days dreaming of being the Somali Kwame Nkrumah and hanging out with his sisters, the social justice warriors and together they bash everything Arab and White. The tortured artist: He’s always been on the straight and narrow, studied business in college with a minor in political science in a bid to join the ranks of the Nkrumahs but they proved to be too intense for him.

He’s a momma’s boy, he prays his five, occasionally hangs out with the boys.

Editor’s Note: Mulki Ali has written this article after her previous article about Somali women was widely read and shared across social media.

“I thought I must do right by us girls and smoke out the guys as well,” Mulki says. Wadaadka: This is the ultra-conservative guy who dons khamis that barely go down the knees and white socks and kufiya.

He doesn’t love himself and finds the prospect weird, and so he places that burden on a romantic interest which is toxic and unhealthy.

He gets back to the West and starts hustling for his family back home, and is the success story mothers use as incentive to ship their wild ones, not knowing why he truly changed. Nerd: This kid hangs out with cadaan because they are the only ones who get his love for tech gadgets, coding, and World of Warcraft.

He got his frail ego bruised by a girl in his teens and he’s been overcompensating for that ever since by putting every woman who bears resemblance to that girl in her place.

In his books there are only two type of women: wifey-material and bossy bitches. Pseudo-intellectual anti-Arab: He went to study liberal arts and while on campus met pan-Africanists who were passionate and outspoken and he thought holy cow…whatever they’re having, give me!!!

He’s a high ranking haraam officer and he lashes out at “sisters” any chance he gets. However, when he’s alone in his room at night, he’s not so wadaad-like.

He’s probably sexting girls and doing his haraam patrol in the same breath. Anti-feminist misogynist: This is the super insecure dunce whose every statement reeks of misogyny.

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He’s a budding artist who draws impeccably and writes poems that are out of this world.

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