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See who is looking to meet someone like you for friendship and romance.Get ready to take your personal life to the next level starting right away!For so many years, my father walked out our door every morning wearing his handsome, blue uniform and heading for the airport—or so I thought. As I went through high school in rural Alabama—far away from my beloved fighter pilots— I transferred my affection to a lanky, redheaded, corporate pilot. I went from high school to college; he went from twin propjet to Lear. For starters, the pilot always takes his job so seriously. Was the utter sadness of saying good-bye all the time? Perhaps it was the drama of watching the movie Always and identifying with Holly Hunter's character. I split from my last pilot love on very good terms… I think. You just can't figure out someone who flies a machine that appears so ill-designed for flight.

A pilot breaks the rules of gravity and dares to go where not everyone does.They may act glorified in some way, that’s because they have the guts to do so.If you’re attracted to confident men who plays the part, a pilot is definitely in the right mix.The white shirt, wings on the chest, golden epaulets on the shoulder, tight fitting jackets, hat on head. The experience is counted by the no of hours he has flown and with that he gets stripes on his shoulders.For reference three stripes on shoulder means he is a first officer and 4 stripes means he is a Captain. Your partner can take you up in the sky on a two seater aircraft on your birthday or anniversary.

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