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“My guess is that the women are setting themselves up for a kind of reality-show ‘Confessions Of A Shopaholic’ book, real-but-not-real, and ...whatever, they’re not hurting anyone,” Hunt wrote on Thursday.But even after a full turn of the media world — NPR has raised doubts about the site’s authenticity and the New York Times was forced to defend its story— the question remains: are these girls for real?No, not really, as Newsweek found out in a recent interview.Asked by a Newsweek photographer about the best Wall Street bars to shoot in, she couldn’t name a single one—although maybe she’ll discover them now.Last month, Crowell was canned from the online fashion channel Style Caster because DABA-fever had become a distraction.

Dating A Banker Anonymous (, a blog started by two New Yorkers, has made waves on the blogosphere this week with its tales of woe.“It was a misunderstanding that there is a formal “group” and that there are actual “meetings,” she wrote in an email to Newsweek.She says the site is rooted in emotional truth--the real pain of once-pampered Wall Street wives and girlfriends--and that she and cofounder Petrus were prompted to launch the blog after the recession hit their own love lives.It’s a character, but it’s a little bit of them as well.” Yes, only it is much less of them than you might have thought.This post was inspired by What every banker girl needs.

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