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In short, Stephanie is polished — she has a structured leather purse cradled in the bend of her arm, and what she says is a 0 ring on her right hand.She, unlike Gina, goes on casual dates where only touching is allowed.But that does not cover all of her expenses — including food, housing and textbooks — so she signed up for a Seeking Arrangement profile when she was 18. Although she said the money is good, she’s aware of the precarious nature of her work.“I know what risks I am in, in terms of physical safety,” she said.Regardless, Bass said, with “sugaring,” comes a power structure. Some men feel like they could do whatever they want because they’re paying.” Stephanie said she takes precautions before she decides to meet with a sugar daddy.

Despite the risks, the sugar babies continue to date older people as a way of earning money.

Gina is not a student who spends money on frivolous things.

Her hunter green Columbia backpack is well-worn and her nails look chipped and broken. 2,” said the student, who will be referred to in this article as Gina for privacy reasons.

She markets herself as a “girlfriend” on Seeking Arrangement, and has never agreed to sex with a sugar daddy, fearing it could turn dangerous.

However, she said if it were not for the laws around prostitution, she would consider it.

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