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Just wondering if anyone had any good justification for those particular pictures.

as long as both participants behave realistically to the best of their ability. User:tomtyke 05.57, 1st April 2006 (BST) Examples, maybe? Clearly the problem is with the infidelity, not sex (physical or cyber) in general. Mainly because this section of the talk page is more or less spam.Astral (talk) , 23 January 2008 (UTC) Well I could say I agree to get rid of the pictures of webcam and keyboard but it adds at least some illustrations to an article that would appear a bit too "textual" without them. But cmon, this article is so bad it makes me wanna claw my eyes out.As for the recent image I added I can understand that may be shocking to some people but honestly: 1) it's correctly linked to the subject contrary to the other pictures, 2) the composition and the attitude of the woman aren't creating any porn aspect of the subject since we don't really see anything really explicit nor details of her intimacy. I mean goodgrief, cybersex between a 46 year old and 15 year old over the internet isn't technically illegal. But a 46 year old ENCOURAGING or TELLING a 15 year old to meet him in real life IS illegal since the lowest age of consent in the U. Nateland , 9 September 2007 (UTC) Sorry to dissapoint, but teen's have sex with teen's online.--.203 (talk) , (UTC) I have removed the image.Not that anyone would really care about an 18 to 16 year old anyway..67 , 21 April 2007 (UTC) Currently there's no law about it, although child grooming is another matter.

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