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All this while confined to a wheelchair, writing a breakthrough book explaining his creative insights to the public by way of a synthesized speech box which sold more than 10 million copies. The eulogies attesting to Hawking’s greatness are now making their way around the world.His story, by any account miraculous, was surely worthy of a movie, and indeed became the basis for an award-winning 2014 film, The Theory of Everything, which won an Academy Award. By definition, eulogies are a collection of complimentary reminiscences.Not only should they be kept well away from the levers of power, they should also be objects of particular suspicion when they seek to offer collective advice." Genius has its limitations.I do not suggest that Hawking was similarly guilty of personal moral failings.He gave full support to the BDS boycott of Israel movement as well as an ardent backer of those who rejected Israeli academics from scholarly acceptance.His scientific brilliance didn’t translate into an understanding of the moral and ethical aspects of the Arab agenda of hatred against the Jewish people.If we acknowledge them, we may well understand the reason why the word “imperfect” shares the exact same letters with the words “I’m perfect.” They are almost the same except for the spacing, which turns them into statements in opposition to each other. May we respond to this challenge with the wisdom of our tradition.

In A Brief History of Time, Hawking writes that the discovery of a unifying set of scientific principles known as the theory of everything would enable scientists to "know the mind of God." But in a follow-up book about the quest for the theory of everything, titled The Grand Design, Hawking said the mechanism behind the origin of the universe was becoming so well known that God was no longer necessary.Brilliance doesn’t travel well across other borders of wisdom than its own specialty.Stephen Hawking’s death is the loss of a great man – but a man with great flaws. With regard to Stephen Hawking, the spacing can allow us either to stand in awe of scientific brilliance or be repelled by genius which failed to recognize God or the righteousness of His people’s cause.What I meant by 'we would know the mind of God' is, we would know everything that God would know, if there were a God, which there isn't. And it is not scientists who will ever give us the answer to the validity of the first verse in the Bible; it is theologians whose brilliance will give us support for what in the final analysis is a question of belief.I'm an atheist." Let us not distort Hawking’s views, nor be dismayed, disheartened or intimidated by them. Maimonides and Moses are better guides to God than masters of physics who have never found a satisfactory answer to explain first cause of the universe or the source of the laws which govern its existence if in fact there is no ultimate Lawgiver.

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In 1963, Stephen Hawking was stricken with ALS and given two years to live.

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