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BOSTON (Market Watch) -- It's not a certainty, but odds are high that you might inherit an IRA some day. On the one hand, it means that someone you know and love has died.

On the other, it likely means that your net worth has increased as well.

Depending on state law, to keep the inheritance from being subject to your creditors.To save income taxes if the contingent beneficiary is in a lower income tax bracket. To get the IRA to the deceased IRA owner's spouse (perhaps as the contingent beneficiary) so he or she can roll it over, name new beneficiaries, get a longer stretchout, and possibly convert to a Roth; and so it will qualify for the marital deduction." According to Picker, when it comes to inherited IRAs, there's a very, very good chance that the information you're getting from the IRA custodian is incorrect. But 401(k) plan owners have several options if they want more control of their retirement fund.In some cases, combining one 401(k) plan into another, called a "rollover," is an option.

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