Conduct invalidating assent law

Covering a broad variety of key subjects and emphasizing moral decision making, the text message presents all business legislation issues necessary for success on the CPA exam.

I have had a great success rate for the Contracts portion with my students who took the CPA exam.

There is no significant difference in the two, so do whatever fits your budget.

I will make sure that the chapter-end questions are responsible for are in either version you use. During the first day of class I will pass out a sheet on which students can sign up to do an extra-credit oral presentation on an article on any topic.

There will be four examinations during the quarter, including the final. Having someone sign the roll for you in your absence will result in ten points being deducted from your class points for both you, as well as whoever signed for you.

You are allowed two unexcused absences, but after that 3 points will be deducted from your final grade for each absence over 2. Since many of you will be taking the CPA exam, you really should start prepping now with this class.

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