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Making room for her faith is just another way of accommodating her feelings and showing your devotion to the relationship.Let’s face it; your perfect match is not going to just show up on your doorstep with flowers in hand. And it can seem even harder when you narrow the field of potential matches down to just those who share your same morals and deep love for Jesus.

If you’re looking for love, avoid these three mistakes on your path to meeting “The One.” 1.If a couple can kiss and leave it at that, with a promise of more to come when they marry, what can be the harm?On the other hand if one feels that human weakness would lead to fornication if kissing was entered into, then it would be prudent to avoid it unless chaperoned. Exodus -AV And if a man entice a maid that is not betrothed, and lie with her, he shall surely endow her to be his wife. Lance Wearmouth ________________ The Illustrator: This daily newsletter is dedicated to encouraging everyone to look towards Jesus as the source of all the solutions to our problems.Let me share with you some Biblical guidelines about dating. II Peter 1:6-7, TLB "Next, learn to put aside your own desires so that you will become patient and godly, gladly letting God have his way with you.This will make possible the next step, which is for you to enjoy other people and to like them, and finally you will grow to love them deeply." What to avoid on dates. When you sin this sin it is against your own body." Keep yourself pure.

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