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Mr Ogden said: “Sectioned patients were climbing out of the windows and staff weren’t doing anything, one ran over the roof, went into Great Lever, scored drugs and came back on the ward, staff didn’t bat an eyelid. He just switched from hot to cold and then he went back to his room.

In another bust up he was wrestled to the floor by security staff when he tried to enter Blackburn College in breach of an order banning him from all campus buildings.Prosecutor Joseph Connor told the hearing: 'He approached customer service advisor Mark Higginson and said to him "Do you enjoy working on the trains you f****** fat b******?" 'He became aggressive with Mr Higginson and continued making comments on his weight.'Police were contacted and they went to speak to him - but he was abusive to them too and said "f*** off, I will f****** eat you."'He was told to leave the railway station but he continued to tell them to f*** off until he was arrested.'O'Brien later attended Lancaster magistrates court over the incident on September 12 but he flew into a rage at security staff working at the entrance to the building when they asked him to remove his coat and allow his bag to be searched under routine procedure.'The offences relating to the statement you made to the police officer was aggravated by homophobic tones.'O’Brien was also ordered to pay £200 compensation.A MAN from Bolton has spoken of the treatment he received at a psychiatric ward, comparing it to a prison.

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