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The golden rule we learned as children, carried meaning to our parents and grandparents.

They held tight to work ethic, honesty, integrity, faith, and dignity.

When patience runs low or feeling of deep frustration strike, step back and reflect on the dignity that is owed to aging parents.

Keep in mind what is hard for us as children is tenfold for our parents.

Tasks that were once easy for them become labored or fall to the wayside, and we’re taken back by their loss…our loss.

Preparation and education are necessary evils no one wants to face.

When the roles reverse, remember to love and treat our aging seniors with dignity and honor—for without them, we would be nothing. Preserving the dignity of our seniors as they succumb to aging is the most important thing, we as children can offer our parents.

” Finally, when the reality they cannot be left alone digs deep into their hearts, remember they never left us alone, afraid, or ignored us as small children, but they kept us close at hand, always watching, always present…always there. Our obedience to this commandment comes with a promise that things may go well for us when we do so.

When the frustration of the added “stuff”—walkers, canes, or wheelchairs which have to be lugged out the door and to the car just to take them to the post office, remember the diaper bags, the bottles, the extra clothes, snacks, and “stuff” they toted off their shoulder, while you rested on their hip, legs dangling, and arms squeezing their necks.

It was a chore then and it’s still a chore, but worth the effort—worth the love.

As parents age, our own sense of reality is affected.

The parents who willingly helped us along the way, suddenly require our help.

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