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She then got a job as an assistant at SEX, the Chelsea clothing store run by punk pioneers Malcolm Mc Laren and Vivienne Westwood.She took industrial quantities of drugs, moved into a Chelsea squat and hung around with other wannabe rock stars who would later start bands such as The Clash and The Sex Pistols.

Indeed, she suggests in her book that she put the whole thing down to experience — something she craved after her stable but dull upbringing.It was so sinister, writes Hynde, that it had ‘Jeffrey Dahmer written all over it’ — a ghoulish allusion to the lair where the notorious U. They ordered her to perform sex acts on them, and when she hesitated, they lit matches and threw them at her naked body.She remembers the burning matches ‘bounced off my rib rack and underlit their stony expressions before dropping to the forensically soiled carpet’.A favourite drug-taking comrade was Lemmy, front man of the heavy rock band Motorhead.Hynde recalls that the first time they met in a shop on the King’s Road, neither exchanged a word as he dipped a silver tube he wore around his neck into a bag of white powder, shoved it up her nose and walked out.

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