Cats intemidating each other

After the cats are interacting with each other under the door and are responding well to the other activities, reintroduce them gradually to each other.Immediately before the face-to-face meetings, exchange smells.After the cats are fine with the pheromone exchange and are eating on each side of the closed door, encourage them to play underneath the door with each other.

Four cats joined the family over the course of three years and, although they all helped themselves to the kitchen table, not one of them ever knocked over a penny can or even attempted the explore the kitchen counters.Poor Tygre didn’t quite recognize her buddy’s scent, so she responded with characteristic growls and hisses.Despite time passing, both cats are still conflicted around each other.But adult cats are constantly learning, too, and they are capable of teaching and learning from each other.Not surprisingly, cats learn, much like we do, through trial and error, observation and imitation.

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