Catholic dating a divorced non catholic

Where the non-Catholic believes that his or her first marriage was a valid union now ended by divorce (and therefore not annullable by Catholic standards), it becomes impossible for this person to be welcomed into the Catholic community.In contrast to these cases, should a Catholic be married by a justice of the peace on the beach or at city hall or even by a Protestant minister in a Protestant church, this marriage, should it end in divorce, can be easily annulled in a matter of weeks by the Catholic Church.This is the first obstacle, and for many people, it is an insurmountable one.

Given the fact that weddings are often planned a year in advance and that the annulment process may take 18 months, two and a half years seems like an awfully long time to wait.While this may seem to be a simple case, the process for achieving a declaration of nullity is not simple at all.Initially it requires the petitioner, the person seeking the annulment, to write an autobiographical essay, beginning with childhood and continuing through adolescence, assessing his or her relationship with parents, the history of dating, sexual activity, courtship, proposal, marriage and significant events in the marriage.For many couples in a second marriage, the idea of harming their children in any way is absolutely out of the question. In contemplating the possibility of an annulment, one of the first questions raised by a potential petitioner has to do with the respondent, the other party in the failed marriage.The fact that this person will need to be contacted and invited to provide testimony is often a source of great anxiety. The thought of having to involve the other party can oftentimes be a bridge too far.

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For those who are contemplating a second marriage, the challenges posed by the annulment process are equally daunting.

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