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He may be best known for his role on the CBS hit series "JAG," but Canadian David James Elliott is one versatile actor.

I didn't want to leap too far from where I had been.It's a different kind of a character, he's from Manhatten, he's a pretty fast moving, high-paced guy with political aspirations.I'm not duking it out in a courtroom anymore, I'm running a team of lawyers. It's a different take on things, he's an interesting character—he's fun. I get to go in, do some stuff and I get some free time to have a life and spend some time with my children and do things I've always wanted to do.""It's all interesting.Produced by the actress and written by her husband, it tells the story of a happy suburban wife and mother who is forced to reveal her dark past as a military-trained special-ops agent when her husband (played by Anthony Michael Hall) is mysteriously kidnapped. He never got stressed, no matter what was happening, how behind we got, or fast we had to shoot. And then, I’d done a lot of fighting before, but it was great to do it again, in a movie where I had several scenes of fighting different people, getting out of certain situations, and doing a huge fight sequence at the end. I love it because I’m really physical and active, but I can imagine that some actors would get in there and go, “Why am I not doing a little period piece somewhere?During a recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Catherine Bell talked about howcome about? What is the film about and who is the woman that you’re playing in it? He was just cool and laid-back, took his time and made sure we got what we needed to get. Maybe it’s just because I’m a tomboy and I love all that stuff. We went out before we started filming and the stunt coordinator showed me how to do a reverse 180, where I was basically going in reverse, as fast as I possibly could, and then turn the wheel, slam on the brakes, put it in drive, and then keep going forward. I love the choreography of all that stuff, and getting really good at making sure it looks realistic. ” What can you say about the upcoming finale of and what fans of the show can expect from it?

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Was that something that you and your husband developed together and then brought to Lifetime, or did they come to you with the idea? BELL: Well, on the surface, Abby Collins appears to be this suburban soccer mom and she has a great life with a husband and kid. All we know is that she was in the military, and was maybe a computer analyst or a tech wiz. Were any of the action sequences particularly fun for you? BELL: There’s a lot of stuff that happens in the finale.

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