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They rather sacrifice their own preferences just to be something else that they might actually loath to be, only to “fit in with social norms”.This type of notion can actually be harmful to one’s psyche.Any firm limit or boundary you need to set can be set with kindness. One of the major contributors to this predicament, in my opinion, is the toxic behaviour of women in marriage encouraged and influenced strongly by the radical feminism ideology.It promotes divorce, causes total lack of love in marriages so men are not respected, treats marriage like business arrangement, somewhat gives women absolute power to have the final word, vilify men in every wrong/negative situations, demonises male sexuality, and many more undesirable effects in marriages.Many went crawling back to judgmental parents who would say to them "you made your bed marrying that no-good, now you lie in it." Pre-pill, a woman was also a slave to her biological nature.

I went to law school when only 7 percent of the State Bar were women. That is all good and brilliant, no doubt there, but that was in the past.It is NOT just some social construct that appeared out of thin air, rather most gender stereotypes are strongly influenced by numerous biological sex differences, this includes specific gender roles, certain strengths/weakness in men and women.In addition, men and women have very different biological natures, easily visible in their sexual behaviour, attitudes, feelings, cognition and mood but partially concealed by the moral injunctions that exist in society.Most women were economically trapped in marriages, good or bad.For women trapped in bad or violent marriages, or those left (many times with children to support) by men who died or were no good, it was a nightmare. If a divorced mother was supposed to be getting child support, she could not get any kind of welfare, whether her ex was paying or not, nor could she get any help in collecting child support.

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It was a world where husbands were encouraged to "control" their wives, up to and including, spanking them like children.

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