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But when you're in it, sometimes it's really difficult."But now she knows, especially since her eldest, Neriah, is off to college this year, "The journey of a child's life goes by like that [finger-snap].

We have forever for love…keep your promises in a divorce."At the time, of course, it seemed as if she was only talking about the demise of marriage No. 23."I always joke about it, 'right guy, wrong time,'" Burke said in a 2011 interview to discuss her book, which also included details of the steamier things she and Charvet did to keep the romance alive.

It took me a long time to differentiate between giving up and letting go, and even longer to recognize when it was time to do so. I would like to have a husband." and every other show he's ever been on, went public as a couple in 2006, years after first meeting each other.

We are still a family full of love, simply redefining our dynamics. When they did finally get together, Burke was newly divorced from plastic surgeon Garth Fisher, whom she'd married in 2001 and been with for seven years overall.

That's my heartbreaking life lesson," Burke told in 2014. I feel more accomplished because I have a family and I'm very lucky to be in a loving marriage with a man that I'm in love with and he's in love with me."At least that's where the first go-round comes in handy.

As she just told Wendy Williams a few months ago, Burke has the benefit of experience when it comes to figuring out the co-parenting and other kid-centric modes of behavior when you're in the middle of splitting up. But while the dynamic is changing, the members of the "team"—the worse she's commonly used to refer to Charvet and her kids (and her mom, her rock through it all)—remains the same."The most important people in my life are those who I see when I go home, the ones I fall back upon," she told . If you have that kind of a foundation, you can do anything."In March Burke and Neriah had a blast on a mother-daughter spring break getaway to Turks and Caicos (not a bad way for the teen to ring in the big 1-8, either), and Burke's Instagram has been full of time spent with the kids, bonding with her girlfriends and, of course, working out.

The model turned TV host turned fitness guru wrote back in 2010, "We started talking about why to do it at this point in our relationship. In 2010 her and Fisher's daughters were spending two weeks at a time with each parent, and she said the arrangement was probably even harder on her and Fisher."It's never easy," she told Working Mother.

It seems as though couples who get married aboard a boat at sunset in glorious St.

Barts should be exempt from the less picturesque outcomes when it comes to that union's future.

It is sometimes painful to be strong and embrace change.

I believe in letting go of ideas and dreams when the time is right.

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