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But if you plan a launch, you’re going to set yourself back if all you have is one piece of content to read.

There’s no reason you should ever be writing for nobody. it), the aim is to have lots of traffic coming your way.

“Lots of traffic” is relative, of course (and for any brand new website, any traffic is something to be proud about), but there are ways to maximize your reach and traffic on day one, which we’ll get into in this post.

I actually received a number of low ratings and comments from people saying that the show actually had very little value to offer, which was totally true at that point.

All of the good value was to come, so if I were to do it all over again I would wait until I had three or four episodes already in my feed. You’ll have one viral piece of content that you’ll be promoting heavily, but you also want other cornerstone, pillar-type content published on your site, too.

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Therefore, a significant amount of time should be spent on your seven-second pitch and determining the right language to use.

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