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I love to suck a hard cock and maybe some ass play. My email address is: [email protected] would love my pics included on your site please I have a pretty small cock and love to be told I have also love to be told on cam how small I am, Would love any Black / Indian men especially to cam with me. Don't be shy, just send me an e-mail: [email protected]@Hi, I'm 25 from Brasil. It is very small, and I like to hear other guys saying this or comparing theirs dick with mine. So, if there are some guys that want to send pictures of their own dicks for me, I will like very much (I love to see cocky guys). age: 80.....still going strong and love look at big cocks [email protected]'m male 45 pretty small cock, want to be humiliated. Please email me with contact details share pics swap stories etc [email protected]@Hey guys, I'm 26 and from the USA. Anyway, my dick is 7inches in length and kinda thick too :) I love it and I hope you guys do too.

Would love to try a cock in my ass, then suck to completion. Basically I like dicks of every shape and size and my dream is to have guys freely send me pics of their dicks on a regular basis (might be a long shot) and maybe if they are close things can get personal.I won't get grapgic but lets just say I left very satisfied. Andy and Joyce xx*un2be wiv (40), Man on 23 January 2012 by Webcam:sin tracy on cam earler ,looked very sexy in them fishnets , couldent stop around but id sure like to bump in to her again on cam maybe next time have a little fun together , very sexy looking thow x*ot4uasever (45), Man on 12 June 2011 by Webcam: Wow, what an amazing sexy lady tracey is. Not to be missed xx Only showing first 20 friendscs (51) & cl (50), Couplewild (45) & hub (49), Couple Franci (32) & André (34), Couple Ken (54) & Barbie (50), Couplek (49) & m (53), Couple Him (42) & Her (43), Couple Amanda (53) & william (55), Couplemr tomtom (44) & mrs tomtom (44), Couplegl (40) & gz (47), Couple0 (50) & her (38), Couple AV (26), Manshaven (58), TV/TShooterman (59) & B (56), Couple Jackie (39), Woman Mr & Mrs Gump (45), Man Nigel (49) & Jennifer (45), Couple James (33) & Cath (31), Couplelove (57) & bunny (64), Couple Nicole (50), TV/TSgor (60) & cab (55), Couple Free to use, not just free to join. I am a 62yr young white bi male living in Durban South Africa who, like all of you, just loves cock. I am really new to this game, and have never posted anything remotely associated with men, but hope this forum will help me act out some new fetishes. I would like to meet other horny guys to organize horny photo sessions together just for fun. Happy to share dick pictures and stories at [email protected]'m bi-sexual, 59 years old and live in Wirral UK.Would like to swap pics or videos with guys anywhere. Looking forward to hearing from some of you and I can be reached at [email protected] I would also like to swap pics with guys from all over the world. bi guy in UK who loves to look at, feel and suck cocks. If interested in getting a hot mouth wrapped around your shaft, email me at [email protected] As you can see, my cock is not very big but I have a lot of fun with it all the same.

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