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After all, when you get the perfect shade with a river in front of you for just 10 bucks per person and unlimited fun, who could resist such romantic temptations!Just avoid what rules are written on the sign-boards here and there, and you could just have the perfect date at the cheapest price around!But, don’t dread the scenario; the park is large enough to accommodate many more couples like you any day.For absolutely no entry fee, this is where the city has all the fun during the evening, come winter, rain or summer.The zoo authorities and staff members don’t really mind what you are up to as long as you have valid tickets with you.After all, nobody would visit a far-off garden designed to inspire popular interest in tree plantation if it didn’t have any “tangible” benefits on offer.For very obvious reasons, the rain dance floors will get you both closer to the hilt, and take your chemistry to the next level. Oh wait -before you get ready for the ride in the water with your girl, consider splurging about a thousand bucks including the tickets (Rs.

No wonder then why you would see many couples thronging the park even in the broad-day light.

There’s something about this far-off place that inspires confidence for you in her mind.

You can even treat her with some over-priced fast-food dishes and cold beverages.

If one goes by the name of the park, it should inspire patriotism. Located right in heart of the city, this park is an eternal favorite of the romantic couples and totally figures in the check-list of ambitious dating couples.

So what makes it the most popular destination for dating in the town?

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This effectively means you should no longer run short of potential dating partners.

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