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As a result, issue such as this one can occur: there will be those who argue with me on this but it's a common issue across content management systems everywhere and with Word Press specifically, it is virtually impossible (note that I said virtually) to run Word Press without installing at minimum 5 plugins from the plugin directory.

Simply put, the more plugins you install, the more your website performance suffers.

Sadly, even plugins developed by Automattic (the mother company of Word Press) can cause massive slowdowns in load time and performance (I'm talking to you Jetpack).

While the intentions of the developers who are releasing the plugins are good, this often leaves those running Word Press with the task of updating plugins constantly.

The problem with this is that more often than not, a simple plugin update has the potential to bring your site down hard and leave you scrambling to find a developer to help you figure out what just happened.

To be fair, this isn't a Word Press specific issue (although it is very common with WP) but rather an issue with a significant number of CMS that rely on plugins (and believe me, the list is long).

As popular in name as these three open source CMS are, the fact of the matter is they are simply NOT the best CMS on the market.

This is a huge issue as these older plugins still exist and are not removed.There are some that are suited better to blogging, some that are great for complicated projects requiring more of a framework and some that are better for multilingual websites, and that's just describing a few use cases.Some of you may be wondering why then, do we have a number of “Best CMS” related categories in our CMS awards .For years, people's honest intentions have been doing these content management systems a disservice by blindly recommending them for everything under the sun just to help them gain more popularity and a larger user base.What they don't realize, however, is this type of action does more to hurt the projects name than to help it (in most cases).

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