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However, I would not recommend pushing a GAL of more than about 15,000.

It bothers some users and you don’t need to force this down someones throat. If your Active Directory hierarchy has partitioned users into Organizational Units, that may present some opportunities for partitioning the GAL.

If someone has tried to use the Business Address in the GAL for Home Address, beware. Those addresses will appear on i Phone Contacts in the business address field. While a GAL of 5000 mailboxes is pretty big, it is totally manageable on today’s i Phone or Android Smart Phones that have lots of flash, ram and fast processors.

We have customers that push 30,000 contacts to both i Phone and Android address books.

Who gets the contacts, which contact folder do we use and what happens if users already have contacts for their co-workers? Doing this one at a time to define your Smart Phone population has two problems..

By adding the GAL contacts to someones default contact folder they will appear in the Smart Phone address book. However, what if end users don't want hundreds or thousands of company contacts mixed with their personal contacts?

One customer with a GAL size well beyond 250,000 users uses primarily a “drive by” update strategy. If any of those contacts that match an email address in the GAL, there will be a “Standard Contact” update.

Even if someone adds an empty contact with an email address, most of the blanks get filled in.The bottom line is that you are trying to make your Smart Phone users as productive as possible.Give this a little bit of thought and talk to other staff members to get a consensus.One solution is to specify a subfolder such as What if the user already has some GAL contacts? A user may have gotten personal contact details from a coworker that isn’t in the GAL.You may not want to delete their GAL contacts but the i Phone address book may show this as a duplicate contact.

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Another strategy is sometimes using Distribution Groups that identify employees in different cities or regions.

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