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• Visits the ancient site of Stonehenge, witnesses a Druid ceremony, and learns what purpose the stone circles may have served.• Sails a Viking ship on a quest to determine if the Vikings landed in the New World five hundred years before Columbus.Bernstein sold his ownership of BOSS in January, 2014, to focus on a new educational initiative.On February 20, 2007, Bernstein announced that he was leaving The History Channel and Digging for the Truth to join the Discovery Channel as an executive producer and host of specials as well as a new prime-time series called "Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein." The new series premiered during the 2008 Olympics in August 2008. While Bernstein has not commented publicly on the matter, some speculate there was a shift in the "vision" and programming slate of the network when Discovery Channel President Jane Root was replaced by John Ford.After graduating from college, he spent a year in a post-graduate program in Jerusalem studying, among other things, mysticism and ancient texts. His father was born in Jerusalem's Old City and his paternal grandparents and great-grandparents are buried in Israel.Bernstein's father died of a heart attack six weeks before Bernstein's 15th birthday. Bernstein is a fellow of The Explorers Club and the Royal Geographical Society.Together we will grow the show and continue to expose the lies, deception, and corruption in our Government. Josh Bernstein (born February 24, 1971) is an American explorer, author, survival expert, anthropologist, and TV host best known as the host of Digging for the Truth.

Readers are right in the action as he: • Discovers who built Egypt’s pyramids and learns what secrets may be buried below the Sphinx.

No location is too dangerous, no terrain too rough, no culture too exotic for explorer and survival expert Josh Bernstein.

With his unique hands-on approach, he travels the globe, seeking answers to some of the most enigmatic mysteries of the ancient world.

Bernstein is known for wearing many hats, mostly cowboy hats, which has led to him being likened to Indiana Jones.

Although the History Channel played up the comparison in its promotion of Digging For The Truth, Bernstein frowns on this comparison, pointing out that he never wears a fedora (Indiana Jones' trademark hat), and his fashion sense has nothing to do with the fictional archaeologist.

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The series continued for a 4th season without Bernstein before it was removed from primetime and then cancelled.

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