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Who’s There: A priceless mix of hospital workers, university people, and folks who don’t see anything ironic about a bushy moustache.& LOUNGEFrom the boldly-purple exterior on, Sonny’s announces that it is a separate, better reality.Whether it’s a custom-made cocktail you’re after, a craft beer (on nitro! Who’s There: NASCAR fans next to slumming Hyde Parkers next to a gaggle of African-American ladies ready to → HERB & THELMA’S If you’ve driven up Pike Street in Covington, you’ve probably wondered what it’s like inside the painted red-brick building at the base of Montague Road.) with the bros as you catch an FC Cincinnati match, a civilized place to grab a glass of wine with your sweetie, or a dim dive to drown your sorrows in, these 36 hot spots are just the ticket. Surprisingly, it feels like your grandparents’ rec room, complete with local beer-abilia. Pro Tip: They serve house-seasoned Bugles as a bar snack. Who’s There: A good mix of date-night couples, solo sippers, and friends-en-masse.→ AFTER WERKPunny, jokey names are a dive staple, and this place checks that box. → LIBERTY INN It’s hard to miss this friendly roadhouse at the corner of Yankee Road and Princeton Road—the name of the place is painted right across its blue front in white letters. So go ahead and get that rosé you have no clue how to pronounce (like the Saint Roch Les Vignes).(It’s at the southwest corner of Glenmore and Werk—get it? No hairy eyeball here—everyone welcomed us in and chatted us up. When To Go: Happy hour (3–7 p.m., Mon–Fri) means a red or white. Who’s There: OTR patrons who prefer sanity to, you know, the Pedal Wagon.Grab any bottle from upstairs ( corkage) or order by the glass, but get the s’mores: they’re served with a mini fire pit for tabletop marshmallow roasting.

When To Go: Check the schedule for visiting legends like Ohio’s own Dallas Moore, or go on Friday and Saturday nights when Mackey fronts his own band and credibly pumps out George Jones covers and nifty originals.Pro Tip: Don’t sleep on the “Sword Room” downstairs, which nails a Medieval-steakhouse-with-pinball vibe.Who’s There: OTR carousers, people who care about music.of dive bars endures in all its charming grittiness even as the many-tentacled Rookwood development grows around it. Take one of the half-dozen seats at the bar, ask owners Suzanne and Joe Fessler for a beer, and order a cheeseburger. Pro Tip: If you get onion on your burger, get it grilled. → PICCOLO WINE ROOMBetween the charming white tin ceilings and chalkboard menu wall, uncluttered bar, and stemless glassware, we found no reason to leave. → LIBERTY’S BAR & BOTTLE Find the three little pigs on the sidewalk and head inside.The well-stocked CD jukebox could blurt out anything from Violent Femmes to Taylor Swift, and the U-shaped bar forces you to at least look at, if not chat with, that nice older couple across the way. Who’s There: A strong Cov Cath contingent, a few neighbors popping in for carryout. Fifteen wines are available by the half-glass or full-glass, and the list is expertly curated in the order-anything-and-never-be-disappointed way.

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