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After the success of their affair and birth of Charles, Hugh married his long-term wife Joanne in June of 1989 in the church in Oxford, England.This loving couple built their marriage again and is still together till date.Angela is one of the three supervisors in my department, including me, but is not Jane’s supervisor.Fergus works for our company but for a different department. Angela and her fiancé have called off their wedding and have broke up.I have a couple friendships with coworkers that started when I was junior and that I’ve continue to foster, but those friends are not on my team/my direct reports.One of my friends, Jane, confided in me (as a friend) that her husband of a decade, Fergus, had an affair with our coworker Angela.Though the couple was not married, by 1988, Green was pregnant.At the end of the year, the couple welcomed their first baby, Charles Archibald Laurie.

She has admitted the affair to me (again, as a friend) but has told me she’s “moved on from it and doesn’t need to beat herself up anymore.” Meanwhile, she and Fergus continue to talk and see each other at least socially.My new manager also doesn’t know me well enough to know I’m not just gossiping.Or, alternatively, do I stop excusing Jane’s low productivity as I might be biased? You’re in a management position and you know that a fellow manager is behaving unethically toward an employee. It’s about alerting your manager that someone on her team has a terribly messed-up dynamic with someone else on her team, and that she’s allowing her bias to interfere with work decisions.At what point do I have an obligation to say something?I don’t want to overstep what was told to me as a friend, or ruin my professional relationship with a fellow supervisor who I will be working with for a long time.

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