Athletes play own rules dating game

re lucky enough to have your guy play in your town, you have to be willing to sacrifice your time to go to as many games as you can, and he has to understand that you can? Any man that is worth your time will know for a fact that women need to know what?

Good communication (two-way) I have this listed as rule three, but 1 2 and 3 are all equally important. HOPEFULLY your guy will have briefed you on what he? That really hit home for me, since I had NO idea what I was getting into. I almost decided against the distance thing, but said, ?

t be annoying or jealous This is a general rule that applies for anyone in any relationship. You have to keep in mind that your guy is busy doing stuff, and he doesn? He may have to go places: signings, public appearances, charity appearances, sign autographs after games. If you have trust issues, DO NOT get involved in this sort of relationship. If he ends up cheating on you for whatever reason, he is a jerk and isn?

re being annoying because everyone has different opinions and tolerance levels for annoying behavior. You also have to keep in mind that your guy is in the spotlight. Do not stalk his female friend additions on Facebook.

As a pro athlete, your guy has a more than full time job. t have all that time to put in half the effort, make half the trips, spend half of the money. t willing to accommodate to your life after his season is over, he is not worth your time. A lot of these things I said in these rules are contradictory. A relationship built on a good solid base of trust and communication can last, if you both do your best to keep up with it.? You might have a few opportunities to parade around with him for banquets or other appearances, but for the most part, you are not visible. Bottom line is, he is busy and you come second to his sport. But when his season is over, it needs to be about both of you. You also have to understand that if he is a minor leaguer, he has a lot more on his plate, a lot more to prove. I am very aware that this contradicts what I said in rule one, that you have to be patient and not ? t take it personally (rule one), you need to be there to talk to him. In some cases, you have to shift that balance to accommodate. t appreciative of everything you put into the relationship, and he isn? There are times when its ok to accept non-communication and there are times to not. Reflections Every now and then you have to take a step back from the relationship and look at it objectively. These types of relationships are a constant test of your mental and emotional strength. put it into perspective; it will help you understand it too. Relationships ARE supposed to be 50/50, give and take, a balance of everything. If he decides to play for a few more years, would I be able to do this for another season? If he lands a big(ger) contract and has to move somewhere else, what would I do?

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be pretty cool to have a talented, hot, rich husband- get to be in the spotlight, a status symbol? You will not always hear from him, and he will not always respond to your texts.

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