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You are discovering the secrets men wish you knew that society will not tell you. It is what leads to the dreaded word all men hate: drama.

It’s good to have a normal conversation with a man, analyze what’s going on, and work from there. Attraction is unconsciously experienced, not decided. Get out of your head thinking about the right things to say and do based on his responses. Men don’t want to instantly connect with you at a deep emotional level – not yet anyway.

You may also have an advantage over attractive women!

I believe this is what forms the belief that men only want sex.When you become what men want in women, men feel attracted to you.Attraction can be temporary, but when you understand its principles and continually refine them (by re-reading this article and purchasing books on the subject), you make attraction long-term that leads to commitment and a satisfying relationship!Ways to attract men emotionally involve high-status behavior, teasing, playfulness, mystery, and unpredictability.Deficiency in an area of attraction decreases a man’s interest in you.

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