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i saw a commercial for season one episode 11 or 12 the on pamering on January 21 of 2010 and Stefan says that they are but i don't know The last book is called "Midnight" and she doesn't really choose at the end, she just admits to everyone that she loves Damon, and this shocks Stephan who then says that he didn't realise that he was holding them back from being together.This fantasy soap opera follows a group of vampires who (sort of) live and love in a small town in Virginia.Kayla Ewell portrayed Vicki Donovan for the first seven episodes until her character was killed off.Matt Davis was later cast as a history teacher in a recurring role to fill the void. In the small Virginia town of Mystic Falls, seventeen year old Elena Gilbert and her younger brother Jeremy can't come to grips with the fact their parents have recently died and are both looked after by their aunt, Jenna.Elena's friend, Bonnie, suspects something off about Stefan as does Tyler Lockwood.After Matt's sister Vicki is bitten by something they believe to be an animal, it is discovered that Stefan is a vampire.

Forcing Nina Dobrev to be filmed kissing Ian Somerhalder for The Vampire Diaries is a slap in the face to the young star and it would be no surprise if Nina quit the series as soon as her contract allowed.Stefan (who does not feed on humans) realizes he is not the only vampire in town.Stefan's brother Damon enters the picture; they have not seen each other for 15 years.Mystic Falls begins the preparations to celebrate the passing of a comet.While Vicki recuperates in the hospital from her injuries caused by a vampire, Stefan uses his abilities to erase Vicki's attacker from her memory, but is interrupted by Matt. Tanner warns Jenna about Jeremy's recent behavior and tells her that she is doing a bad job of taking care of the two teenagers. The semi-psychic Bonnie tells Elena that she has a bad feeling about Stefan, so Elena decides to invite Stefan and Bonnie to have dinner at her house so that they can get to know each other better.

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Do you think Nina and Ian will finish the show up – or quit and disappoint their fans?

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