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This is what we understand about the connections between climate change and the disasters we saw this year.Floods and rain The year started off with torrential rainfall in California, marking the wettest winter in a century.Even with climate change, Harvey’s rain was an extremely rare event, expected not to return for thousands of years, Karin van der Wiel, a co-author of the What’s still not known: Did climate change alter the odds of seeing three incredibly strong storms — Harvey, Irma, Maria — in a row this season?“We tend to look at [hurricanes] one at a time,” Wehner said.

We must reckon with the likelihood of even worse storms, heat waves, fires, and droughts as the Earth warms — because scientists expect even this “new normal” to get worse.Extreme rainfall events are trending upward, and nine of the top 10 years for extreme one-day precipitation events have happened since 1990.And all this moisture-laden air helped drive the powerful hurricanes that made landfall in the United States.If that seems shocking, consider some of the record-breaking weather events that came our way: You can see the relative scale of these events in the map below, which is based on estimates from NOAA and other sources.(This map doesn’t include the Thomas Fire, the single-largest wildfire in California history, which is still burning.) All told, NOAA’s estimate of 6 billion is very likely conservative — other estimates put the total closer to 0 billion.

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