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Barrentine finally took the advice and on September 1, exactly one month after the bodies of J. and Tracie were found, he met with police for a four-hour, videotaped interview, ultimately telling six different stories and in some of them, placing himself at the scene of the crime. Spivey, Barrentine initially said that on the night of the killings, he had seen a black truck speeding away from the area where the girls were found.

As the interview continued, he changed his story several times, finally claiming he’d picked up a “tattooed man” he didn’t know and the two drove by the Big/Little Store.

At on the night of July 31, 1999, at the same time Tracie Hawlett called her mother from the pay phone at the Big/Little Store, 28-year-old part-time mechanic Johnny William Barrentine told his young wife he was going out to buy milk for the couple’s 2-year-old son.

“If we could find who donated that semen, I think we’ll have the killer.”The Strange Confession of Johnny William Barrentine.The New Balance shoes she had purchased the week before were covered in mud. Additionally, an unknown palm print was recovered from the lid of the trunk.From the positioning of the bodies, it was apparent she had been stuffed into the trunk first. Authorities were also able to determine the girls had not been killed where the car was parked on Herring Avenue.Barrentine said he heard two gunshots and when the man returned, Barrentine gave him a ride from the scene and then went home.In another version, Barrentine confessed to investigators that the man he’d picked up and given a ride was actually his neighbor.

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