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It was originally a demo by Kesha (still meant that Kesha owned it FIRST).

It’s in Tooru’s purported brocon nature always being spoken of, but never shown.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------3.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I. say your mum's name 5 times and yourcrushes name 3 times 4.

about a marvelous story called 'Itachi's First Day' (go read it), and, being a little hard of hearing, she heard 'Itachi's First Date'.

Although maybe our inordinately long disclaimer/author's notes were so cool you just want to review them. Chapter 1: Getting the Girl It started innocently enough. After the fight to pull out Konan's chair for her (Pein won), the criminals went to the kitchen to make Konan's breakfast.///The male Akatsuki member stood before Konan, each clutching a heaping tray of food. She chewed, made an expression of extreme distaste and spat the mess onto the unfortunate puppet master's cloak."That was revolting! She snatched up a knife and fork and began to saw off a piece of meat."Hey! "That's where the f***ing milkman went, you f***er! "Konan froze in horror, the loaded fork almost at her mouth.

" he responded, clearly thinking he was being very selfless.

Tic-Tac-Tobi: [link]EVERY TIME YOU COMMENT, DEIDARA BLOWS SOMETHING UP!card data undelete software detects undetected information from lost phonebook directory, rescue unreadable and inaccessible contact names and important contact numbers.Software can retrieves visible and invisible inbox outbox text messages from your mobile phone Explorer allows you to view and edit the raw data; provides a more convenient way to display the information, interpret the contents of the file and show it in a human-readable form. card contact unerase tool provide full backup functionality to get back your lost mobile information like contact number, address book, inbox, outbox, sent item, draft, picture message, dialed, missed, received call log, saved images, audio, video recording, ring tone or many other type of data that was saved in your mobile phone. Cell phone recovery tool restores accidentally erased formatted inbox outbox sms draft sent items short text messages."The Jashinist whipped hisi cloak off of a platter with a dramatic flourish." Ta-*beep*ing-da! Its chest had been torn open brutally, showing that its heart was missing. The men watched in open-mouthed surprise as she hurried onto it and began muttering to herself." I was 115 pounds two days ago", she stated, glancing at her notebook. Pein, Itachi and Tobi watched in bewilderment as she raced to the scale to make sure that her weight had not changed in the past 30 seconds. Tobi held out his offering, a swirly lollipop that strongly resembeled his mask."Here you are, Konan-chan! Pein pulled a fancy bottle of sake out of his cloak and offered it to her with a flourish. "It's a nice idea, Pein, but it's way too early to drink."The leader of Akatsuki marched off broken-hearted. He held out a plate of stolen fettuccini Alfredo, breadsticks and a cup of tea.///The rejected Akatsuki members glared enviously at Itachi and Konan.A bloody kunai pinned the creature to the plate by its neck. Konan turned to Itachi and had a brief Star Wars moment. Konan was eating her pasta with a rapidity that would have been the envy of any speed-eater.

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