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Even when the Protectorate fell in spring 1659, the generals urged the recalled Rump to treat her generously.

In spring 1660, on the eve of the Restoration, she left London, strongly denying that she had in her possession or had hidden jewels and other goods belonging to the royal family.

Elizabeth had been born in 1598, the eldest of twelve children (nine sons and three daughters) of Sir James Bourchier and his wife Frances, who was a daughter of Thomas Crane of Newton Tony, Wiltshire.

By the early 1650s Elizabeth and her family were living in lodgings adjoining Whitehall Palace and in spring 1654, soon after her husband became Lord Protector, they moved into newly redecorated apartments in Whitehall Palace itself and at Hampton Court.The few surviving letters between the couple, dating from the early 1650s, reveal a deep and enduring affection.Writing from Scotland, where he was on campaign, Oliver told his wife that ‘Thou art dearer to me than any creature; let that suffice’ and wrote that ‘My Dearest, I could not satisfy myself to omit this post, although I have not much to write; yet indeed I love to write to my dear, who is very much in my heart.Although we have only occasional glimpses of Cromwell’s personal and family life and know very little about his and his wife’s childhood or about the childhood of their own children, their adult lives are fairly well recorded and documented.In August 1620, just a few months after his twenty-first birthday, Oliver Cromwell married Elizabeth Bourchier at St Giles’s church in Cripplegate, London.

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