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Dad was a professional photographer who did work as a photographer for major movie studios and pulbicity magazines of the period before his induction.When he was recalled to active duty during the korean conflict, my mother was pregnant with me.Dad is credited as Editor Photographer and/or Staff Photographer.There are copies of the newspapers during his time included iin the album along with other newspapers like THE MIDNIGHT SUN, which promoted theatricals Dad was part of.this was a plane from a squadron that was just flying in to relieve another squadron in the area, as i recall... i believe there were about 11 people aboard, four of whom were killed in the had been raining and the pilot apparently was not satisfied with his approach and was going to circle around for another approach... (this is really testing my memory, after 54 years)...

[Included as captions on the web album.] There are photos of plays that Dad and his colleagues appeared in presented at the Kodiak Community Theater, as well as the playbill. Explored a lot of the back roads and bunkers on an old Kawasaki dirt bike. It was always an adventure commuting from the base to the beach.

) part of the building and i had become friends with a chief radioman, fred horne ,as i recall his name... there was a program available, SCORE, (Selective COnversion and REtention, or something like that) for people in certain dead-end rates to convert to other open-end rates... chief horne taught me morse code, with several sound patterns for learning some of the letters, such as "hitting the hips" (di- di-di-dit = h), "to hell with it" (di-dah-di-dit = l), "to the fairest" (di-di- dah-dit = f)... i had glanced through a navy training book on basic electronics back in 1959 and determined that if this was "basic" there was no way that i could learn it...

i had been a ph2 for almost 5 years and was going nowhere... but he told me that you need basic electricity before you get into basic electronics... we lived just outside of town in a nondescript civilian housing area...

Date: Thu, 0000 (UTC) From: Lee Horton leehor at bellsouth dot net Subject: Jackson Horton Navy My Name is Jackson Horton I was stationed at Kodiak naval base from 1963-1964 I was the master at the gallery I was also on the naval boxing team I was there during the earthquake Looking for old friends from Chicago and New York Thanks please contact me at leehor at bellsouth dot net Subject: Kodiak History Really enjoy the Kodiak history page.

I'm looking for WWII info about my aunt who worked for the navy in WWII.

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I was the photographer that went to take pics of that crash...

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